Unfortunately there's only three links by now.
The two on top are the ones that have influented me to make my own homepage.
There are so many great sites out there! I have chosen to concentrate my site around my own collection,

with complete scans of both front and back sleeve and also both labels,
which is the only thing I have missed only a little out there amongst all the other Alice Cooper sites.
On the historical and news-side, I simply hasn't got the time and/or skills to cover it.
I will safely leave that to other sites, for example the following two, with thanks:

SI HALLEY's homepage is huuuge and absolutely the most important Alice Cooper site,
I've bumped into on the net!
Second is the site of ANDERS MOSSBERG with his collection of Alice Cooper 7"s and huge photo gallery

The third link... well this is history repeating, because ADAM JOFFRAIN found my homepage,
liked it, and has been helping me with scans for the LP album section (if you haven't already noticed)
And now Adam has got his own homepage wich are focusing on the Alice Cooper singles.
Take a look at his huge single collection - use the link below!

A special thanks goes to fellow collector Thomas Fessler in Germany
for good friendship and informations on rare Alice Cooper records!

Please visit these great Alice Cooper sites!

Please email me here if you wan't your link to figure above,
and also please don't hesitate to correct me if I have put incorrect information anywhere on my site.
I will always mail back - thanks!